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    《关于《宁夏十一选五彩票平台》一号彩票平台靠谱吗_僵尸秋水最新相关内容》:The sleeping room for the Small Ones was, by comparison with the great Commons Room only the masters inhabited, a tiny place. It had only the smallest of windows, so placed as to allow daylight without any sight of the outside; the windows were plastic-sheeted slits high up on the metal walls, no more. The room was, at best, dim, during the day, but that hardly mattered: during the day the room was empty. Only at night, when the soft artificial lights went on, shedding the glow from their wall-shielded tubes, was the room fit for normal vision. There were no decorations, of course, and no chairs: the Alberts had no use for chairs, and decorations were a refinement no master had yet bothered to think of. The Alberts were hardly taught to appreciate such things in any case: that was not what they had come to learn: it was not useful.


    【《宁夏十一选五彩票平台》一号彩票平台靠谱吗_僵尸秋水】"Besides," Norma said desperately, "they're only rumors—"


    This is the end.MRS. B.: When it isn't even on the news or anything.Norma nodded at the intercom speaker. "That's right. Anything's possible—you know what she's like."

    "It is better to be master than slave," Marvor said sullenly.


    Like the stirring of a child in sleep, the panic lasted only a little while, and gave way to an apathetic peace. Here and there an Albert munched on a leaf, holding it up before his wide mouth in the pose of a giant squirrel. Others sat quietly looking at the walls or the door or the window, or at nothing. One, whose name was Cadnan, stirred briefly and dropped the leaf he was eating and turned to the Albert next to him.

    【《宁夏十一选五彩票平台》一号彩票平台靠谱吗_僵尸秋水】"I'm trying to help him—" Norma began.

    Marvor made a hissing sound. "Maybe they are bad," he said. "Maybe the masters and the elders are bad."


    【《宁夏十一选五彩票平台》一号彩票平台靠谱吗_僵尸秋水】Chapter 22She had not been hurt.

    The rumor he'd heard from Norma was barely rumor any more: instead, it had become the next thing to an officially announced fact. Everyone knew it, even if next to no one spoke of it. The Confederation was going to send ships—had probably sent ships already. There was going to be a war.The Alberts milled around, quite obviously uncertain what a line was. Albin gripped his beam tighter, not because it was a weapon but just because he needed something handy to take out his anger on.

    【《宁夏十一选五彩票平台》一号彩票平台靠谱吗_僵尸秋水】Cadnan took a deep breath of the air. It was, of course, scented with the musk of the Alberts, but Cadnan could not recognize it: like his fellows, he had no sense of smell. "Different is not good," he said, perceiving a lesson."Small are the slaves."